Changelog #030

May 24th, 2024 - New Scalar Proxy

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Community Contributors ✨

We wanted to give a shoutout to the open-source contributors who shipped some great work on the Open-Source repository:

Stoked to see this in production and bettering the Scalar API References ✨

New Scalar Proxy

We just released our new Scalar Proxy, this is a large release that is mostly behind the scenes! Before we couldn't properly handle rich media type responses or file uploads for our API Client, but now we can!

This release is the foundation for a lot of features surrounding our REST API Client that we are pushing forward over the next month. :)

Fixes & Improvements

So much work was put into smaller improvements + UX of our app, all the small details make the world of difference ✨

  • feat: create esm javascript build docs (#1841)
  • chore: update text (#1840)
  • fix: don't try to access contentType value which doesn't exist (#1833)
  • fix: always return html vs error rendering (#1832)
  • fix: indentation bug on groups (#1829)
  • fix: webhook operation parsing (#1812)
  • feat: scalar button component type prop (#1821)
  • fix: add support for union types in getExampleFromSchema (#1816)
  • fix: Docusaurus preferred colour scheme refresh bug (#1815)
  • fix: response body does not show a preview when the content-type is undefined, fix #1818 (#1819)
  • fix: search results empty state shows empty string (#1822)
  • ci: use local cli, instead of the one published on npm (#1820)
  • docs: improve css examples (#1823)
  • feat: scalar cli default display (#1824)
  • fix: text transform on all top level sidebar items (#1828)
  • feat: scalar cli prompts (#1826)
  • chore: slighlty improve the bug report template
  • fix(api-reference): CDN version does not rewrite old proxy url (#1817)
  • fix: remove reliance of ifm colour system for docusaurus sidebar heading type (#1813)
  • ci: start proxy in release workflow (#1806)
  • Adding Options to Scalar.AspNetCore (#1780)
  • feat: use new proxy 🥳 fix #1396 (#1703)
  • chore: deploy changes to main (#1804)
  • chore: provide working example for scalar_fastapi (#1803)
  • fix: client selector responsive (#1791)
  • fix: add scalar component scope to missing components (#1801)
  • style: update ghost hover color (#1736)
  • feat(mock-server): dynamic values for generated examples (#1796)
  • fix: make request type more legible + minimal (#1802)
  • docs(cli): naming conflicts (#1794)
  • fix(api-client): doesn’t render preview for mimetype variations like application/foobar+json (#1797)
  • chore(cli): scalar serve instead of scalar reference (#1798)
  • fix: rehype-highlight transpilation was missed (#1800)
  • fix(api-reference): server url with variable is prepended with current URL, fix #1755 (#1799)
  • feat: api reference sidebar heading link case (#1793)
  • docs(docusaurus): multiple api definitions example (#1792)
  • fix: client request response UI (#1788)
  • fix: remove yellow/blue autofill indicator (#1771)
  • fix: client selector style (#1769)
  • refactor: add .NET 8 compatibility (#1766)
  • feat(cli): update existing sandboxes (#1772)
We are incredibly grateful for the Scalar community, all the feedback has been truly inspiring, helps guide us to prioritize fixes and we are looking forward to releasing more features and fixes for the next changelog ✨

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