November 24th, 2023 - Express Integration

Changelog #006

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Community Contributors ✨

We wanted to give a shoutout to the open-source contributors who shipped some great work on the Open-Source repository:

Stoked to see this in production and bettering the Scalar API References ✨

Express + Scalar Integration

Express is one of the most popular frameworks for building web apps in Node.js, it's one of the first packages I used when I learned Node.js and it felt great to ship an integration with Scalar. You can check out Express here.

If you're building APIs with Express and want beautiful API Documentation, now you can quickly get started with npm install @scalar/express-api-reference

We also made a custom Express theme you can check out here .

SSG Groundwork

There was a huge amount of work put into SSG for our published sites, currently we only do pure SSG on the API References, and there's a lot of optimization to do for our guides but we started with a huge rewrite of how we render in our publish flow. It;s being tested to a small subset of sites until we do a full release!

Fixes & Improvements

  • feat: add internal search back to references
  • chore: remove test
  • feat: Basic layout for SSG
  • fix: add scalar update script
  • feat: add playwright e2e tests
  • refactor: update references layout
  • feat: CDN and NPM usage metrics
  • feat: publish metrics endpoint
  • feat: login attempts have their own uid
  • fix: header goes into callout on delete if empty
  • chore: revert changes to helios auth endpoint testing
  • fix: clicking logo takes you to default project
  • fix: subdomain input debouncing too quick
  • fix: add catchall redirect and swagger-editor redirect
  • fix: content-writer dependency resolution
  • fix: only activate hotkey if component is active
  • fix: set search modal variant
  • fix: revert rest client config
  • fix: added missing path parameter variable and default values
  • refactor: expose slot props for reference base component
  • feat: export tailwind config from components package
  • fix: set additional peer dependency versions
  • fix: set codemirror peer dependency version
  • chore: move prettier rc to JSON
  • feat: anchors, fixes #295
  • fix: don't show an empty form if "No Authentication" is selected
  • fix: endpoint level parameters are ignored in the UI, fix #499
  • feat: [DOC-1357] allow test button + api client to be disabled, fix #519
  • chore: remove legacy file
  • fix: story for @scalar/api-reference
  • chore: add swagger url example to the express README
  • chore: optimize bundle size of @scalar/swagger-editor
  • feat: make swagger editor tabs configurable
  • feat: extend search with models
  • chore: do not use the operationId as name
  • chore: remove babel
  • feat: middleware for Express
  • feat: add support for models with allOf, anyOf, oneOf …
  • style: custom Fastify theme
  • chore: use summary instead of operationId
  • chore: force loose peer dependencies
  • chore: auth credentials in a form
  • feat: fallback for http auth
  • feat: swagger 2.0 host and schemes
  • feat: add support for oneOf and allOf in the response schema
  • style: no text transform for model names
  • chore: store api reference demo editor content in local storage
  • chore: make imports relative
  • fix: remove empty content update
We are incredibly grateful for the Scalar community, all the feedback has been truly inspiring, helps guide us to prioritize fixes and we are looking forward to releasing more features and fixes for the next changelog ✨

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