Changelog #018

Mar 1st, 2024 - Themes Overhaul

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Community Contributors ✨

We wanted to give a shoutout to the open-source contributors who shipped some great work on the Open-Source repository:

Stoked to see this in production and bettering the Scalar API References ✨

Themes Overhaul

Our themes got a ton of polish, I think in this case the video speaks for itself :) check it out below 👇

Hide Secret Credentials

Before we were showing all tokens/passwords/keys in plain text. Now relevant inputs become password fields & the secret credentials are hidden in the code blocks (but still there if you copy the content)

Fixes & Improvements

So much work was put into smaller improvements + UX of our app, all the small details make the world of difference ✨

  • ci: use personal token for the update contributors workflow, to fix auto merge
  • fix: visual regressions (#1094)
  • feat: hide secret credentials, fix #1062 (#1074)
  • feat: Add codemirror syntax highlighting back in and move to a static color (#1080)
  • test: api reference cdn (#1085)
  • chore: remove alias from components package (#1088)
  • docs: update townhall event
  • fix: search button too big (#1089)
  • feat: show deprecated badge for schema attributes, fix #1052 (#1075)
  • feat: api-client-react wrapper (#1079)
  • fix: stop rendering infinite child attributes (#1084)
  • style: set scroll and border on response body (#1082)
  • fix: select all does not work (#1073)
  • fix: example response with content encoding is not shown, fix #920 (#1076)
  • chore: allow hono@v4 as peerDependency (#1072)
  • fix(#1061): api client response body syntax highlighting (#1069)
  • fix: max width size and client width breakpoint & sizes (#1067)
  • fix: fixsidebar theme precedence and remove unused OSS variables (#1068)
  • fix: add back color schemes (#1066)
  • fix: polish sidebar (#1059)
  • chore: remove coinmarketcap example (#1065)
  • chore: monitor CDN/standalone bundlesize (instead of ESM build) (#1064)
  • ci: rename auto merge workflow file
  • ci: add correct condition to auto-merge workflow
  • ci: more debug output
  • ci: remove condition for automerge workflow
  • ci: debug output
  • ci: update PR users condition
  • ci: debug output for the auto merge workflow
  • ci: automerge workflow for github action bot PRs
  • ci: update auto-merge workflow
  • ci: automerge contributors updates
  • fix: show key-value pair examples for objects (#1054)
  • fix: request type polish (#1056)
  • fix: theme fixes (#1055)
  • docs: detailed fastify integration guide (#1048)
  • fix: __dirname undefined (#1046)
  • fix: fastify ESM __dirname undefined, fix #1042 (#1044)
We are incredibly grateful for the Scalar community, all the feedback has been truly inspiring, helps guide us to prioritize fixes and we are looking forward to releasing more features and fixes for the next changelog ✨

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