Changelog #004

November 10th, 2023 - Hono Integration & Package Improvements

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Last week we were busy shipping the Hono integration, package improvements & bug fixes.

Hono + Scalar Integration

Hono - [炎] means flame🔥 in Japanese - is a small, simple, and ultrafast web framework. Did I say small? 12kB and has zero dependencies. I highly recommend checking it out here .

If you're building APIs with Hono and want beautiful API Documentation, now you can quickly get started with npm install @scalar/hono-api-reference

We also made a custom Hono theme you can check out here .

YAML Syntax Highlighting

Our Swagger Editor always supported YAML or JSON, but now we have highlighting for YAML 💅

Fixes & Improvements

  • hotfix mobile sidebar always open
  • chore: better fallbacks for the name
  • feat: detect variables in urls
  • fix: add fallback if no summary or key is provided for examples
  • feat: CommonJS builds for @scalar/api-client-proxy
  • chore: add link to npm to badges
  • fix: optional chain for request bodies
  • fix: show description only if available
  • chore: update Hono README
  • chore: fix initial hono middleware version
  • feat: 🔥 Hono middleware
  • fix: show active state for headings in description
  • chore: store content in local storage
  • fix: add missing image for programming language htt
  • chore: remove unused packages
  • chore: remove deleted icons from type definition
  • chore: custom package json formatting
  • chore: align tsconfigs
  • chore: don't overwrite the configuration constant
  • docs(changeset): fix: types
  • chore: add SSG example
  • fix: hide version if it's not set
  • fix: externalize markdown dependencies
  • feat: Add static rendering of vue components for each custom text extension
  • fix: allow code block to scroll horizontally
  • wait for db after nuke
  • test: duplicate data icon and background field checks
  • fix: add and fix missing page navigation tests
  • fix: remove default getting started tab for swagger editor
  • feat: Move node spacing styles to the elements
  • refactor: clean up publish references and guides
  • refactor: don't allow guides or references to be buttons
  • feat: landing page v1.5
  • chore: deploy script
  • fix: bootstrap version check
  • fix: Correct section-focus height for page title
  • chore: update oss packages
  • fix: throw error for publish subdomain conflict
  • fix: allow customize code panels to scroll with code editor
  • Fix empty trailing paragraph
We are incredibly grateful for the Scalar community, all the feedback has been truly inspiring, helps guide us to prioritize fixes and we are looking forward to releasing more features and fixes for the next changelog ✨

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