Changelog #021

Mar 22nd, 2024 - Nitro Experimental Integration

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Community Contributors ✨

We wanted to give a shoutout to the open-source contributors who shipped some great work on the Open-Source repository:

Stoked to see this in production and bettering the Scalar API References ✨

Nitro Experimental Integration

We shipped our Nitro Experimental Integration! Nitro is the Next Generation Server Toolkit. Create web servers with everything you need and deploy them wherever you prefer.

Try it out today by following these instructions :)

Fixes & Improvements

We shipped over 50 fixes this week! 🥳 🥳

  • fix: operator will always return left (#1285)
  • fix: circular dependency (#1286)
  • fix: buffer not available in browser environments, fix #1272 (#1277)
  • fix: rebuild schema property details to truncate long strings (#1279)
  • fix: scalar codeblock on SSG/SSR (#1276)
  • fix: section flare if position fixed (#1262)
  • fix: clear api client gitbook (#1264)
  • feat: URL support for the CLI (#1260)
  • fix: clear response on close and set request on open (#1261)
  • fix: react example port blocks echo server (#1255)
  • fix: address bar changes do not effect request, fix #1189 (#1254)
  • fix: allow api client react to be editable (#1252)
  • feat: make API client url editable, fix #1189 (#1226)
  • Openapi -> OpenAPI in GettingStarted.vue (#1249)
  • fix: allow examples to be multiline (#1225)
  • fix: use scroll margin instead of padding to align scroll headers (#1243)
  • fix: move theme flare behind all content (#1244)
  • feat: improve nullable types (#1240)
  • feat: show warnings for invalid specifications (#1241)
  • style: improve text in markdown tables (#1232)
  • Update (#1242)
  • fix: nextjs example port blocked (#1238)
  • fix: cli does not watch files outside of cwd (#1234)
  • fix: cli exists on invalid specifications (#1235)
  • test: delete temp files after they have been used
  • feat: cli yaml support, fix #1229 (#1231)
  • chore: remove collaborative editing logic from developer toolbar (#1228)
  • chore: update license year to say 2023-present (#1227)
  • chore: remove unused patch (#1222)
  • chore: move some types and helpers into oas-utils (#1221)
  • fix: fastify api reference doesn’t load JS on proxied/prefixed routes (#1216)
  • fix: requestBody example is not used (#1210)
  • feat: merge @scalar/cli and @scalar/mock-server (#1178)
  • fix: example for object with anyOf, allOf, oneOf schemas doesn’t have a value (#1215)
  • chore: remove swagger editor (#1197)
  • fix: enum under items is not being displayed (#1212)
  • docs: new AdonisJS guide (#1205)
  • feat: add monaco editor to local testing environment (#1198)
  • test: add playwright screenshots - linux (#1177)
  • chore: update axios (#1200)
We are incredibly grateful for the Scalar community, all the feedback has been truly inspiring, helps guide us to prioritize fixes and we are looking forward to releasing more features and fixes for the next changelog ✨

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