Changelog #027

May 3rd, 2024 - Scalar Galaxy

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Community Contributors ✨

We wanted to give a shoutout to the open-source contributors who shipped some great work on the Open-Source repository:

Stoked to see this in production and bettering the Scalar API References ✨

Scalar Galaxy

We couldn't be more excited to be finally release our brand new example OpenAPI Specification: The Scalar Galaxy spec. Alongside this we shipped an improved search which you can see in the video below!

It replaces the old Swagger Petstore example by default now ✨

Fixes & Improvements

So much work was put into smaller improvements + UX of our app, all the small details make the world of difference ✨

  • feat: allow toggling of password fields (#1599)
  • chore: add eslint rule for type importing (#1609)
  • fix: remove ts extension from tailwind export (#1602)
  • feat(#1500): allow multiple specs for nuxt integration (#1603)
  • fix: disable scroll observer on sidebar click (#1605)
  • Update (#1608)
  • chore: containerize nestjs fastify example app (#1580)
  • chore: deploy express example (#1493)
  • feat: add context / dropdown menu to component library (#1557)
  • feat: use schema property title if available, fix #1473 (#1590)
  • docs: offer to make a custom theme (#1587)
  • docs: use @scalar/galaxy instead of petstore example (#1583)
  • chore: use same example page title everywhere (#1584)
  • chore: remove unnecessary port and host from dockerfile (#1567)
  • feat: add multiple levels of headings to the sidebar (#1592)
  • chore: containerize nestjs express example app (#1581)
  • docs: add a section about Markdown, fix #919 (#1586)
  • fix: token null throws exception, fix #1519 (#1589)
  • fix: use galaxy example for the standalone example (#1588)
  • chore: use new Discord URL everywhere (#1585)
  • chore: release fastify together with the core package (#1582)
  • chore: containerize react example app (#1579)
  • chore: add scalar use toasts back in (#1553)
  • docs: add javascript example filename
  • fix: export commonjs tailwind config from components (#1574)
  • chore: release (#1573)
  • chore: add .dockerignore to base builder image (#1566)
  • feat(#doc-1708): migrate draggable work into oss repo library (#1568)
  • fix: avoid prepending path when running standalone from an html file without a server (#1571)
  • chore: update express (#1516)
  • fix: swagger 2.0 definitions don’t show up in list of models, fix #1558 (#1559)
  • fix: theme not selectable in the editor (#1560)
  • fix: unused empty tags break sidebar, fix #1535 (#1542)
  • feat: new example specification package (#1539)
  • fix: additional properties duplicate description (#1545)
  • feat: cleanup component library icons (#1546)
  • fix: stop rendering infinite sub-schemas for type object (#1474)
  • docs: add litestar, fix some grammar and spacing (#1550)
  • fix: mock server README example doesn’t work (#1549)
  • feat: add chevron for markdown summary (#1532)
  • fix: don't minify theme css (#1547)
  • chore: update hono (#1515)
  • feat: give the spa full control over routing (#1538)
  • fix: update ClientSelector styles fix #1536 (#1537)
  • feat: add image support to tag, operation and webhook descriptions (#1544)
We are incredibly grateful for the Scalar community, all the feedback has been truly inspiring, helps guide us to prioritize fixes and we are looking forward to releasing more features and fixes for the next changelog ✨

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